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Dear Students and PhD Candidates!

We would like to inform you about the possibility of submitting applications with necessary documents.

Submission deadline: 29 September 2021.

Applications submitted after the deadline will be processed at a later date.

Please read carefully the provisions of the  “Rules for granting intangible support to persons with disabilities at the University of Wrocław” and follow them.

Practical guidelines:

In the field “I request to receive support” please specify what kind of support is needed (please be more specific in case of applying for):

  • an educational assistant – specify the detailed scope of support related to the learning process, the weekly or monthly number of hours of the assistant’s support (the number must be in accordance with the study schedule and the student’s individual learning needs).  If the applicant has a candidate for the assistant, please enter their contact details.
  • transport – indicate your address of residence and the buildings of the University of Wrocław where the classes are held.  Transport service is provided only within the city of Wrocław.
  • spatial orientation course – indicate which routes are difficult for you to orientate in relation to your education at the University of Wrocław.
  • individual foreign language course included in the curriculum – specify the foreign language the application refers to, the level of the foreign language and the number of hours per semester.
  • adaptation of teaching materials – estimate the number of books and pages of materials submitted for adaptation and verify against  the list of processed teaching materials.

If you have questions about completing the application, please contact us before submitting it.

Documents can be submitted:

  • by e-mail:

The submitted document must be legible and signed and have a good quality as a  PDF. Documents in JPG, Word or other formats will not be accepted.

  • by postal mail to the following address:

Zespół ds. Obsługi Studentów i Doktorantów z Niepełnosprawnością
Pl. Uniwersytecki 1

50-137 Wrocław

  • in person.

Be sure to make an appointment in advance:

– by e-mail:  

– by phone  (71) 375 26 64

Zespół ds. Obsługi Studentów i Doktorantów z Niepełnosprawnością [Service Team for Students and PhD Candidates with Disabilities],

  1. Kuźnicza 49/55, room 18.

Refusal to grant support

If your application is refused, you may submit your written request for reconsideration either in person, by postal mail or e-mail to the Team’s email address within 14 days of receiving the refusal.