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The 3rd edition of the FAST Program begins

For the third time, the Wrocław Academic Center announces the recruitment of applications for the FAST (The Student Activity Fund) city program. By 30 April, student circles, organizations, and informal student societies can submit their projects – the most impressive of them will receive funding. In this edition, the two projects associated with the year of Tadeusz Różewicz will be awarded by special grants.

The Student Activity Fund is a city program initiated by the President of Wrocław. Its principal aim is to support academic entrepreneurship, involvement in student research development, innovation, and creativity.

Each of the projects has an opportunity for the co-financing in the range of 5,000 PLN. The previous editions have shown that in exceptional cases, the amounts can be even higher.

“In the previous year, when we invited students to participate in the Program for the first time, they presented various exciting projects. The submitted ideas have surprised us not only by their high level of substance but also by a comprehensive approach to their implementation.” – As Anna Gil, the FAST Program coordinator, said. –

“The Commission was also impressed by the ingenuity of the implementation and organizational capacity of student groups.

The Program’s massive interest in the first two editions was all the more pleased because, despite the organizational difficulties associated with the pandemic, the students showed a tremendous initiative and willingness to act.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s edition is exceptional due to the unique two grants as an award for the projects inspired by Tadeusz Różewicz’s character and work. These projects will be significantly valued because up to 15,000 PLN have been allocated to each project and their realization.

“In this manner, we would like to celebrate under the Student Activity Fund a year sanctified to this great artist who was associated with our city” – as Anna Gil explains.

Is it worth taking up the challenge and applying for the FAST Program funding?

The commencement of scientific activity is challenging, especially at the level of the student. The advantage of the FAST Program grant is that the requirements are adapted to the abilities of the young student, who begins his experience with science,” says Jurand Domanski, the chairman of the Clinical and Disseding Scientific Club of the Medical University in Wroclaw.

“The process of co-financing allows you to familiarize yourself with applying and implementing the grant projects, which I consider as a valuable lesson for the future – providing the knowledge needed to implement increasingly ambitious and more extensive overtakes.

Another advantage of the city subsidies is that creativity is the only restriction. The absence of rigid expectations of project results makes it possible to pursue colorful, exciting initiatives aimed at promoting community, science, and personal development in a broad sense.” – he adds.

In the 2nd edition of the FAST Program, the scientific Clinical and Dissecting Anatomy circle has received co-financing for the “The Anatomical Museum of the Medical University in Wroclaw – history, science of art” project. Additionally, it is possible to find an article on the effects of their project activities reading on the Wroclaw Academic Center website.

Detailed information about the Program:

Schedule of this year’s Student Activity Fund (FAST) edition:

· 30 April – the deadline for the submitting application

· May – formal and legal verification, meeting of the commission, and adjudication of the competition.

· mid-June – announcement of the results

· June/July -the signature of agreements with universities for the realization of student projects

· 31 December – the end date of the projects’ implementation.

Published by: Agata Sałamaj

31 Mar 2021

last modification: 31 Mar 2021