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The most popular university?… University of Wrocław!

The University of Wrocław is the most popular university among the universities chosen by candidates for studies in the academic year 2021/22. More than five candidates applied for one place here on average. The most popular fields of studies had even more than 30 applicants for one place. The University of Wrocław is also ranked 4th among Polish universities of all types, with only three universities of technology ahead. It is also the most popular university in Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

According to the recruitment report published by the Ministry of Education and Science, the University of Wrocław is among the five Polish universities where more than five candidates applied for one place. It is the only university in this group, with only universities of technology in Gdańsk, Warsaw and Poznań ahead of UWr in the first three places. The University of Wrocław, where 5.3 candidates applied for one place on first degree and master’s degree programme, takes fourth place ex aequo with the University of Technology in Łódź. It is also the most popular university in Wrocław and Lower Silesia, ahead of the University of Economics in this ranking.

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Such a high position in the ranking shows that despite the greater popularity of technical universities, also a classical university can attract candidates with a diversified offer of studies, adjusted to the interests of high school graduates and to the needs of the labour market.

Among the top most popular fields of study at the UWr, where more than ten candidates applied for one place, this year were:

  1. PSYCHOLOGY (32.8 candidates for a place),
  2. KOREAN STUDIES (31.7),
  5. ENGLISH STUDIES (14.1),
  6. ITALIAN STUDIES (12.1),
  9. SPANISH STUDIES (10.5),
  10. CHINESE STUDIES (10.4).

Among the relatively less popular fields of studies, there are also those regarded as prestigious and chosen by the best secondary school graduates.

fot Alina Metelytsia

Prof. Tomasz Kalisz says: We also try to attract the best students, Olympians and the best graduates. I.a. through the Young Researcher scholarship programme. We have 100 special high scholarships for laureates of Olympiads and graduates with the highest Matura exam results.

Among the 145 winners and finalists of international and national subject olympiads who chose the University of Wrocław:

  • more than 15 chose Law and Individual studies in computer science and mathematics,
  • 12 chose history and computer science,
  • 11 chose journalism and social communication,
  • 10 chose Polish philology,
  • and 8 chose mathematics.

Throughout the year, Agata Mitek from the Communication Department is in charge of contacting secondary school graduates during meetings at schools and on social media: – Throughout the region we tell our future students that our university is a research unit, a scientific unit, that you can do various interesting things here apart from classes.

Our students develop their passions, often at the highest world level, such as our team of programmers who recently won the European championship and a silver medal at the 44th World Championships in Team Programming, for which they received the UWr Rector’s Award on 15 November 2021 during the University Day.

fot. Alina Metelytsia

Published by: Maria Kozan

18 Nov 2021

last modification: 24 Nov 2021