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The University of Wrocław is open to children, youth, and their parents. The majority of our faculties prepare general audience lectures on life, exact, technical, law, social, philosophical sciences and the humanities. In biochemistry classes junior secondary school students get to know the secrets of laboratory work, in the Human Biology Museum they learn about human skeleton and where the Wrocław Egyptian mummy comes from, and in „Storczyk” ecological station in the Karkonosze National Park they participate in biology, geography, and meteorology classes.

Preparatory courses for the secondary school final exam in different subjects, such as chemistry or biology, are hugely popular. They are run by our academic teachers and last for one or two semesters.

Meetings in the Astronomical Institute, where one can view the sky through Clark-Repsold refractor, have attained almost cult status. The academic teachers also help the youth to get to grips with mathematics. Wrocław Mathematical Meetings quickly prove that mathematics is not as difficult as it may first seem.

Children have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of classes offered by UWr during the Lower Silesian Science Festival. The physics show, self-made chemistry experiments, and the mathematical marathon make the young audience get back to the University of Wrocław a few years later as our students.

Photography: woodleywonderworks/Flickr/CC BY 2.0