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The UWr team wins the Polish Academic Team Programming Championships!

The University of Wroclaw team composed of: Anadi Agrawal, Adam Górkiewicz and Marcin Martowicz won the Polish Academic Championships in Team Programming. This success is another in a series, following the victory in the Central European Championships and the silver medal at the World Championships. This is the first time that the University of Wrocław has been awarded the Polish Championships, marking its best year to date in team programming competitions. Our team mentors are Bartłomiej Dudek, Paweł Gawrychowski and Krzysztof Loryś.

The competition awarded 4 gold, silver and bronze medals. We got 5 of them, the remaining ones were won by the teams of Warsaw University (3) and Jagiellonian University (4). Fourth place and also a gold medal for UWr1 team composed of: Krzysztof Boryczka, Marcin Knapik, Adam Zyzik. Sixth place and silver medal for UWr4 (Michał Kępa, Dominik Kowalczyk, Michał Maras). Bronze medals were won by UWr6 (Hubert Obrzut, Łukasz Pluta, Jan Wańkowicz) and UWr3 (Adam Kuczaj, Krzysztof Łukasiewicz, Aleksander Pogoda).

We are very impressed and warmly congratulate all of you!

[Information from the website of the Institute of Computer Science UWr]

Published by: Maria Kozan

10 Nov 2021

last modification: 10 Nov 2021