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As you are probably aware, despite the pandemic, the experimental faculties of our University were able to conduct full-time laboratories for their students. Of course, all the precautions were in place, and we are very proud of this! However, that’s not all. This weekend (15-16 May), the Faculty of Law, Administration, and Economics conducted stationary classes using VR Virtual Reality technology! Forensics in a virtual crime room is a 10-hour course, in which first-year part-time students studying second degree legal criminology work to solve a virtual crime.

The course was led by Dr. Rafał Cieśla, Dr. Sylwia Skubisz-Ślusarczyk, and Dr. Iwona Zieniewicz, all of whom are research and teaching staff at the Department of Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law.

These Virtual Reality classes were made possible with the cooperation with WPAE UWr Virtual Reality Technology Centre, with the help of prof. Tomasz Kalisz, Damian Mroczyński, Karol Grainert, and other employees from the Technical Assistance and Digitisation Section of the WPAE UWr (Karol Greinert, Remigiusz Wodnik, Damian Domański, Bartosz Palewicz, Tymoteusz Jędrysek and Łukasz Kacprzyński).

During the first in-person classes, students took part in a Virtual Reality training session. They learned how to navigate virtual reality, and more specifically navigate correctly around an inspection site and use forensic equipment. In the upcoming classes in June, our students will once again enter the virtual crime scene and perform tasks based on the information provided. The VR program allows you to choose an event scenario, such as suicide, murder, etc, then inspect various clues around the inspection site. Using these clues, the students will work to reach a conclusion about the circumstances of the event.

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) technology, students can use and test their knowledge practically, moving around the inspection site and performing required forensic exercises. During the activities, students have at their disposal an inspection suitcase, which they use to search for and preserve evidence. After completing the exercise, the students are assessed on the basis of the evidence they collect and the correct procedure protocol in a given case.

We would like to remind you that the recruitment for legal criminology (part-time second-cycle studies) and criminology (part-time first-cycle studies) begin on the 1st June 2021. You can find out more here.

Published by: Agata Kreska

20 May 2021

last modification: 20 May 2021