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University as if from a film! “Filip” at the UWr University building

Next to “The Man With White Eyes” (polish: Zły), this is the most famous book by Leopold Tyrmand. In the novel, Tyrmand presents the fate of a young Pole, whose wartime ways lead him to Frankfurt am Main, where he works in one of the hotels as a waiter with a group of young people from countries occupied by Germany. In this world of enemies, he finds quite unexpected allies. They are all people affected by the common war mythology. Including young Germans.

Like most of Tyrmand’s prose, this book is based on biographical elements. It describes the life of an extraordinary man whose youth was marked by occupation, politics and emigration. As always, this is prose written against the established rules, presenting a picture of the war that was unacceptable to the communist authorities. And is it acceptable today? The filmmakers from Akson Studio want to find out. It is the producer of many films rooted in the past such as: “Wałęsa. Man of Hope’, ‘Miasto 44’, ‘Katyń’.

University Square turned into Frankfurt in 1943.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

2 Sep 2021

last modification: 8 Sep 2021