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There is no consent to intolerance at the University of Wrocław. We repeat: Remember that your freedom ends where the others’ harm begins.

It applies to sexual orientation and identity, appearance, religion, origins, opinions, identity, skin color, gender. At our University everyone is equal, and everyone deserves respect. We care about it heavily.

But, what does discrimination actually mean? How does it differ from permissible criticism? We have the answer:

Discrimination is the unjustified diversifying of people that is based on their objective features. In other words, discrimination is a situation where a student is treated less favorably due to, for example, sex than another student of the opposite sex in a comparable situation would be treated.

In the real world of the University, as well as in our virtual communication channels, discrimination, especially in the abovementioned fields, will be eliminated. These are our rules here. You have another, your business, but you play on our pitch.

Persons stigmatizing someone from the academic community for the abovementioned features will be blocked, and their comments will be removed. You need to also remember that if you are the victim of the online hate due to the abovementioned factors, and especially if this online hate against you is reoccurring notoriously, you can ask for help from the spokesman for Equal Treatment and Anti-discrimination.

You can either write to the communication of the department,, or via communicators. We will take care of the case.

It is good to use the FECE model in such situations:

F for Facts: Describe what kind of behaviour is considered hate

E for Emotions: Indicate what type of emotions the hate has awakened in you

C for the Consequences: What are or maybe the consequences of hating

E for Expectations: What kind of remedial attitude you expect