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We have some work to do. Remember that the University of Wrocław has 25,000 students and 3,500 employees. Sometimes many of these people need something. And they are not aware that the others need it as well. And then we need… a little bit more time for everyone to be happy.

We receive dozens of messages from students regarding various issues every single day. The University of Wrocław is a great structure, in total – the largest Wrocław “company”. And as in any company – and especially such a large one, the boss does not decide everything. Individual departments are responsible for specific issues. Therefore, instead of writing on social media in a private message (or in a comment), asking what application you should apply for a social scholarship – it is better to just call or write to your dean’s office.

The Communication Department, which administers social profiles, does not have to know this at all. If you want to ask about recruitment – we know the general rules, but if you want to find out more details, you must contact the Teaching Department. If you are interested in dorms, it is best to choose the number of the Student Affairs Department.

If you want to go to Erasmus and you don’t know what formalities you have to fulfill, you should contact the International Office. And so on. A social media administrator, i.e. an employee from the Communication Department, can tell you which unit can solve your problem, he can provide a contact to this unit, but he is not competent to provide detailed information. Remember about that.

When you write a private message, keep it short and to the point. We try to answer the news regularly, but it may happen that hmmm… we went to sleep. But we will wake up the next morning. And we will answer! If you do not get a reply for a day or two, please email us again.

Sorry, we have missed something. Sometimes we get more than 80 pieces of information within an hour. Remind yourself, and we will most definitely send you a reply.