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In the current dramatic situation, we ask you as a first step to take action and get in touch with state services whose task is to support Ukrainian citizens according to the information contained in the links below:,Pomagamy-Ukrainie.html,8149.html 

Legal information for Ukrainian citizens
The National Council of Legal Advisers in cooperation with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Border Group prepared information for Ukrainian citizens concerning their entry into and stay in Poland. It can be found on the Chamber’s website.

Medical Care for Ukrainian citizens
People who need medical assistance can obtain it free of charge under the National Health Fund. More information is available on the website of the National Health Fund.

Lux Med
Lux Med, a private medical network, prepared a package “Help for Ukraine”, under which you can get free assistance. More information on the website.

In addition, information necessary for all those in need of help can be found:

Lower Silesian Governor’s Office

The Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Province

City of Wrocław