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If you are a student at a public university in Ukraine, you can apply for transfer to the same or a similar course at the University of Wrocław. Check the list of fields of study.

Deans will decide about your admission.

In order to transfer, contact an employee of the appropriate dean’s office of the faculty leading the field of study:

  • Faculty of Letters:;
  • Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences:
  • Faculty of Social Sciences:
  • Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics
  • Faculty of Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences: (biology, genetics and experimental biology), (microbiology, environmental management human biology)
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management, (geography, spatial management, tourism), (geology, geological engineering)
  • Interfaculty Studies of Environmental Protection ,

You can also write to

  1. Collect all possible documents about your education (diplomas, certificates, etc.).
  2. You should address your transfer request to the dean of the faculty in which you are studying. In your transfer request write the field of study to which you are applying to transfer.
  3. Please enclose documents confirming the courses you have taken at your home university (e.g. course card, transcript of grades, certificate of average grade and other documents confirming your course of study) with the transfer request.
  4. You do not need to have your diploma recognised in order to continue your studies, but if you need information about a foreign diploma, submit an application to the National Agency for Academic Exchange, which can be found at:
  5. Submit the application along with the attachments to the dean’s office or send the scans to the email address indicated by the specific department (list of email addresses for the specific department above).


I. The tuition fees for full-time studies in the Polish language are not charged to foreigners who have the status of refugee granted in the Republic of Poland or who are under temporary protection or subsidiary protection on the territory of the Republic of Poland;

II. Studies in the English language and studies in the Polish language for people not mentioned above are charged, however, at the student’s request, the Rector may exempt a foreigner entirely or partially from the obligation to pay the fees if particularly important circumstances occur, such as:

1) complete orphanhood;

2) serious or prolonged illness of the student or immediate family member (lasting more than 6 months);

3) random event (e.g. fire, flood);

4) exceptionally difficult financial or life situation of the student;

5) pursuing a study programme within a specified scope under agreements concluded between the University of Wrocław and domestic or foreign universities, which entails additional costs to be covered by the student/doctoral student, if the above circumstances prevent the student/doctoral student from paying the full or partial fee;

6) taking up studies in the second field of study or education other than on a fee basis.