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General rules

  1. There has been appointed a Team for epidemic security that is in a constant contact with the Rector
  2. All persons remaining in the University buildings who are not employed to work in the given building are obliged to wear face masks or face shields.
  3. All persons remaining in the University’s buildings are obliged to frequently wash and sanitise hands using disinfectants or to wear disposable gloves.
  4. A distance of 1.5m is recommended.
  5. Each person entering a building of the University of Wrocław is subjected to an anonymous, automatic, voluntary body temperature measurement. If temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius is detected, it is recommended to take another body temperature measurement after 5 minutes, and if the temperature remains at 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that the person refrains from entering the building, including participating in classes and working there.


  1. Lectures and classes for students, PhD students and the students of postgraduate studies, participants of other forms of education and schools, organised in 2020/2021 academic year, can be conducted using the following modes: in-person, hybrid, remote.
  2. Decisions on the mode of conducting classes are made by the deans and the heads of extra-faculty units, ensuring that the students and PhD students can participate in hybrid and in-person classes.
  3. The training on remote learning for students, PhD students and employees shall be provided by the Distance Learning Centre ( This training is mandatory for first-year students and PhD students.
  4. Students should be informed about the mode of delivering classes by 15 September 2020 (for the winter semester) and by 1 February 2021 (for the summer semester.
  5. Information on the method of conducting classes and one-off changes to the study plan are communicated to students/PhD students, postgraduate students and academic teachers via e-mail within domain and via the website of the unit providing the degree programme.
  6. Assessments and exams may take place at the University premises or remotely.
  7. Diploma exams may be conducted remotely using IT technologies and tools included in MS Office 365 package for the University of Wrocław or using an e-learning platform.
  8. Office hours may be carried out in-person or remotely. Instructors shall enter the appropriate information into USOS by 15 October 2020.

 Work organisation

  1. The work of the members of non-academic staff is performed in accordance with the working conditions applicable to them.
  2. Work may be performed remotely, if its character allows for it, and the employee has the skills, space and technical capacity to perform their duties in this way.
  3. In order to ensure communication between the employees and the processing of tasks, there shall be introduced an obligation to use electronic means of communication, particularly for the distribution of documents.

Procedure for handling a suspected case of SARS-CoV-2 infection

  1. An employee, PhD student, student or participant of other forms of learning is obliged to immediately inform the head of the appropriate University unit – their place of work or study – via phone, or if that attempt is unsuccessful, via e-mail, about suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  2. The employee supervising e-mail address should immediately report a suspected case to the head of the unit where the potentially ill person works or studies, and also to the appropriate unit of the Sanitary Inspectorate, the Director General’s Office and the Rector.
  3. The head of the University organisational unit is obliged to immediately take measures aimed at limiting the risk of spreading the coronavirus within their unit.
  4. If an employee, student, PhD student, participant of other forms of learning is showing symptoms indicative of SARS-CoV-2 infection whilst remaining at the premises of the University of Wrocław, this person should be transferred to a separate room with an access to a restroom, and in exceptional cases to a designated area with at least 2-metre distance to others and contact:

District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Wrocław

Kleczkowska 20

50-227 Wrocław

e-mail: psse.Wrocł


available Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM and 8 PM

693 900 908, 781 400 199, 887 811 060

and follow the instructions of the Station’s staff or persons manning the helpline.

If the condition of the person showing the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection worsens, one should call an ambulance in order to transport the individual to the nearest infectious diseases ward, and immediately report the event to the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.

Events held at the University, official travel, meetings of collegiate bodies and committees (teams)  

  1. It is allowed to organise conferences and events at the University of Wrocław, particularly based on the applicable regulations.
  2. The Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection Department provides support regarding the method of organising the event and epidemiological safety equipment (particularly disinfectants, face masks, face shields, automatic disinfectant dispensers with body temperature sensors).
  3. Employees, students and PhD students are allowed to travel domestically and internationally.
  4. The meetings of collegiate bodies and committees (teams) at the University may be organised remotely, if the provisions of law provide for it.

Inauguration, immatriculation, diploma award ceremony

  1. The inauguration of the academic year shall take place on 1 October 2020 in a hybrid mode. The event shall be broadcast, recorded and posted on the University’s website and on the University social media pages.
  2. The immatriculation of students shall take place during the inauguration.
  3. Immatriculation ceremonies at the faculties are revoked.
  4. The ceremonies of the award of bachelor’s, engineer’s and master’s diplomas shall not be held in 2020.
  5. The ceremonies of the award of doctoral and post-doctoral diplomas shall be held in a hybrid mode.

Student halls of residence and other University buildings 

  1. The accommodation in student halls of residence and University guest rooms is possible only in single rooms, in accordance with GIS recommendations.
  2. The accommodation in double rooms is possible only with the Rector’s approval and if the epidemiological conditions and GIS recommendations permit it.
  3. The manager of the hall of residence or the dean of the faculty housing guest rooms lays down limits regarding the maximum number of persons who can simultaneously occupy common spaces such as: a kitchen, a study room, a TV room, and others.
  4. No visitors are allowed in the halls of residence and guest rooms.
  5. Sports facilities held by the University of Wrocław remain open.
  6. The libraries shall ensure wide access to scientific literature, subject to section 12. The direct superiors of their heads shall supervise the correctness of the adopted work regulations.

Provision of personal protection equipment

  1. The University provides its employees with disinfectants or disposable gloves as well as face shields or face masks, if it is provided for in the applicable law.
  2. At the premises, at the entrances to buildings close to the reception, automatic disinfectant dispensers with body temperature sensors shall be placed.
  3. At the premises, at the entrances to buildings mask dispensers.
  4. Personal protection equipment (disinfectants, disposable gloves, face masks or face shields) is purchased by the Purchasing Department using the funds at the Rector’s disposal.

 Additional safety measures

  1. In September and October 2020 there shall be organised prophylactic, voluntary vaccinations against the flu for the employees, PhD students and students.
  2. In urgent cases one should contact the immediate superior or the employee on duty at the Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection Department of the University of Wrocław (71 375 24 89, 71 375 29 22).

The full version of the Ordinance of the Rector of the Unviversity of Wrocław on the rules for the functioning of the University during COVID-19 epidemic is to be downloaded below.

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

8 Sep 2020

last modification: 24 Sep 2020