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UWr physicist on supernovae in Nature Astronomy

The research conducted by Professor Tobias Fischer from the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Wrocław and a multinational group of scholars will help solve one of the greatest mysteries of astrophysics.

The explosions of massive stars known as supernovae are one of the most energetic outbursts in the Universe. Thanks to the initiative of  Professor Tobias Fischer from the Department of Elementary Particles Theory – and the multinational team of researchers (from, among other places, Darmstadt) – it has been shown for the first time how the presence of exotic particles may lead to a supernova explosion under extreme conditions. The existence of matter known as quark-gluon plasma has long been speculated. The findings will make it possible to examine
it in the context of future galactic explosions.

The article summarising the findings – „Quark deconfinement as a supernova explosion engine for massive blue supergiant stars” – was published on 22 October in the prestigious journal Nature Astronomy. For now, it can be accessed on-line, but it will also feature in the paper edition of the magazine.

Published by: Michał Raińczuk

9 Nov 2018

last modification: 19 Apr 2019