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UWr psychologist on sexual violence against children

There are many excellent scientists working at the University of Wrocław. They conduct research, discover, explore, compete for grants, but also educate – and not just students. Over the past year, more than two hundred academics have spoken in the media as experts. They not only spoke about their research, but also commented on reality, explained the complexities of current affairs and spoke out on important issues.

One such person is dr Agnieszka Widera-Wysoczańska from the Institute of Psychology of the UWr. She gave an extensive interview, which appeared in the weekend edition of the portal. Dr Agnieszka Widera-Wysoczańska spoke about the systemic differences between Poland and Western European countries in cases of child sexual abuse. This is an important topic as it concerns the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. Those whom we – adults – should protect the most and make the greatest efforts not to aggravate the trauma and cause more suffering. Unfortunately, the situation is quite different. The interview can be read on the website.

Published by: Ewelina Kośmider

28 Jul 2022

last modification: 1 Aug 2022