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UWr received A+, A and B+ categories!

The University of Wrocław has received decisions on the awarding of scientific categories for its disciplines. We received two A+ categories, eight A categories and fifteen B+ categories. This means that the University of Wrocław is now entitled to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in all its disciplines. Below are the detailed results.

The evaluation assessed scientific work from 2017 to 2021. The rules were different this time, as disciplines were evaluated and not faculties – as it was done in previous years.

Highest scientific category: A+

  • Computer science
  • History

Category A:

  • Archaeology
  • Legal Sciences
  • Astronomy
  • Psychology
  • Literary studies
  • Health sciences
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Mathematics

Scientific category B+:

  • Economics and finance
  • Philosophy
  • Pedagogy
  • Sociological sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Security sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Linguistics
  • Social sciences and media
  • Political and administrative science
  • Cultural and religious sciences
  • Socio-economic geography and transitional economics
  • Artistic sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Earth and environmental sciences

Each discipline could receive one of five scientific categories: A+, A, B+, B or C. It is worth noting that no discipline conducted at the University of Wrocław received the lowest categories of B or C.

The highest grade of A+ was awarded by the Commission for the Evaluation of Science only to units whose activities are comparable to leading European scientific centres and are appreciated abroad. The performance of all staff conducting research in a given discipline was assessed. Researchers submitted the four best achievements for evaluation, while the disciplines themselves were evaluated in three categories: scientific level, financial effects of scientific research and development work and the impact of scientific activity on the functioning of society and the economy.

Prof. Patrycja Matusz, Vice-Rector for Projects and International Relations, commented:

“To all those involved in the preparation of the evaluation questionnaires, we thank you very much. We congratulate all the scientists from the University of Wrocław who have worked for the success of their disciplines. In the coming days, the presidents of the disciplinary councils will analyse the decisions sent and prepare possible appeals.”

In fact, the universities have 30 days for possible appeals. After that, they will be reviewed and final decisions will be made around October. The new categories will be in place until 2026.

Prof. Artur Błażejewski, Vice-Rector for Research commented:

“We already know the results of the evaluation of our University, and we are satisfied. Once again, special congratulations to the two disciplines that received an A+ category: History and Computer Science. However, it must be remembered that all the achievements of our research staff needed to be entered into the system. A big nod to the librarians who made this happen, overcoming all technical inconveniences. Huge thanks are due, first and foremost, to the Evaluation Team chaired by prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Zych and the Rector’s Representative for Evaluation – prof. dr hab. Dariusz Buraczewski. Without their support for the Discipline Councils, we could not have achieved such a good result!

We are waiting for the announcement of the rules for the next evaluation with the hope that it will go more smoothly and systematically. We are confident that the University of Wrocław, and thus all of us, can do better!”

Published by: Maria Kozan

30 Jul 2022

last modification: 1 Aug 2022