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In Wrocław, vaccination of health service employees against the coronavirus using the Pfizer vaccine began. Vaccinations of volunteers from the priority “group zero”, which includes employees and students of the medical fields of study at Wrocław Medical University, continue until January 14. From January 15 vaccinations will start for other teachers of higher education institutions, including the University of Wrocław.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced in a statement published on Tuesday that employees and students of the medical fields of study are a part of the priority “group zero” and will be vaccinated against Covid-19 by January 14. It was emphasized that they can be vaccinated first due to their professional duties.

In Wrocław such vaccinations are already underway, for example in the Clinics on Chełmońskiego Street. Students, doctors and lecturers of Wrocław Medical University and other medical facilities are getting vaccinated.

What should employees of other universities (including the University of Wrocław) do to get vaccinated as soon as possible?

According to the information we received from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, employees of other non-medical universities, including the University of Wrocław, are supposed to sign up for vaccinations according to the procedure below from the beginning of 2021. These vaccinations will be carried out after January 15, 2020. Unfortunately, some of the facilities handling vaccinations are sending back the volunteers, informing that they will accept applications after January 15. Other facilities are already conducting enrolment, underlining that the volunteers will be informed on when to come for the vaccination.

Stages of the procedure are as follows:

  1. Registration – online: via the hotline, at the Primary Health Care physician or via the Online Patient Account.
  2. Application to the vaccination centre – qualification by a doctor.
  3. Performing the vaccination and monitoring the patient after vaccination.
  4. Repeating the procedure after 21 days – no need to register again.

Vaccinations will be carried out in:

  • clinics (Primary Health Care)
  • hospitals
  • auxiliary hospitals
  • with physicians conducting practice independently
  • other stationary medical facilities (for example Outpatient Specialist Care)
  • mobile vaccination clinics
  • vaccination centres in auxiliary hospitals

According to the preventive vaccination programme, a vaccination point was opened in every commune. Soon we will publish a map of blood collection facilities and vaccination centres across Poland with a convenient search option.

Published by: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz

8 Jan 2021

last modification: 8 Jan 2021