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Vaccinations – for now, registration is completed!

A registration form was in place for people who could be vaccinated under the so-called 'teachers pool', until 2PM on Friday. Over 90% of the eligible persons took the opportunity at the University of Wrocław.

We also collected applications from laboratory technicians and academic teachers conducting classes on the basis of civil law contracts. At the last stretch, the Ministry backed out and refused to vaccinate the latter two groups. We will, however, together with other universities demand that also such employees - who are in close contact with students – are vaccinated. We'll keep you informed.

The following people could register for COVID-19 vaccination at the University of Wrocław:

1) academic teachers,

2) doctoral students conducting classes with students,

3) persons conducting classes with students on the basis of civil law contracts, (conditionally)

4) employees who are not academic teachers, employed at the University of Wrocław as laboratory technicians, who have not been applied for vaccination by another university. (conditionally)

People born after December 31, 1955 and before January 1, 2004 were allowed to register for the vaccination.

Those interested in vaccination against COVID-19 were asked to register for vaccination by 2PM on February 19, 2021, via the form available at the link:

Academic teachers, doctoral students and perhaps contractors and lab technicians (we are talking to the Ministry of Education and Science about the latter groups) will be vaccinated in the nodal hospital located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Wrocław.

Any information on this matter is provided by the Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection Department – tel. 71-375-24-89.

Published by: Agata Kreska

23 Feb 2021

last modification: 24 Feb 2021