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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Wrocław University will be among 300 of the best faculties all over the world in 2021. That’s the result of the most recent listing published by THE – World University Rankings. On the other hand, in the american U.S News ranking among 1000 best world universities, University of Wrocław was classified in 922 place. Together with Worcław Medical University, that’s the only university located in Southwest of Poland that has been classified by the Americans in the group of 1000 world best institutions of higher education.

The Americans indicate the high level of education at Faculties of Chemistry (444th position worldwide), Faculties of Physics (#560th) and Faculties of Biological Sciences (#444). The British, while making THE, appreciate apart from previously mentioned computer science, economy and administration (201-250 in 2018) as well as human sciences that have been placed among 500+ best in the world.

Wrocław University, as the only university in Southwest of Poland, since last year has been included in the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” programme. As a result of the programme 10 institutions of higher education in Poland are given 10% higher subsidies. This money is mostly for improving the quality of research as well as scientific projects carried out on particular universities. Those changes are becoming slowly visible at University of Wrocław.

– We are running scholarship programmes for Young Scientists for example. Very young to be precise. We are going to attract laureates of secondary school’s contest by giving scientific scholarships to teenagers. We want to make studying not only the way of achieving a university degree, but also a real, scientific journey. That is why we are trying to bring to Wrocław the best students from all places in Poland in order to include them in big scientific research from the very beginning of their academic journey. This is the opportunity for students to take part in research on the global level. It’s an unforgettable experience and knowledge of both competing with international groups and collaborating with them. Every student at University of Wrocław who will be interested in similar scientific challenges will be given a chance – says the vice-rector in charge of scientific study prof. Eugeniusz Zych.

University of Wrocław mainly aims at improving its positions at global research rankings. It is difficult due to a few reasons e.g.: many West universities are multi-faculty institutions where there is a place for not only humanists and scientists, but also engineers and doctors. It means that ranking points which are given in Wrocław are divided by four universities: University of Wrocław, University of Science and Technology, University of Environmental and Life Sciences and Medical University – while in many West, american or asian cities the points are given just to the one university.

– We know that many young people don’t come to us to study “ at University of Wrocław” as a whole, but they choose a precise field of study That’s why it is important to us to improve places in rankings based on “by subject” classifications. Allegation that a university is at 400 place globally may be attractive in the media, but for both students and scientists is the classification of particular subject that counts – that’s why we are glad to see high position of computer scientists, physicists and chemists – says the vice-rector in charge of international cooperation prof. Patrycja Matusz.

As far as global rankings is concerned, both individual scientific disciplines and fields of study present better than a university as a whole. That is why it is so important to improve international cooperation – on every possible level. What counts in rankings is not only the amount of i.e quotations (derivative of publication in most academic journals) but also the level of internationalization.

– We already do well – despite of covid we have approximately one and a half thousand of foreign students. Gradually we are improving the lineup of our team. Paradoxically, online learning makes it easier to employ professors from abroad. At the moment, we are working on concluding contracts with many outstanding scientists from Europe so that thanks to online learning they could join our group of professors. What already makes us glad and what is noticed by analytics working on international rankings is the high level of our PhD school. More and more scientists from West Europe or even Asia decide to carry out their research at University of Wrocław – claims Patrycja Matusz.

In the american ranking U.S News, the University of Wrocław has been classified in 374. place in Europe and on 7. place in Poland.

Translation by: Katarzyna Olejarz

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

25 Nov 2020

last modification: 22 Dec 2020