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Welcome Center at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Welcome Center at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wrocław aims to integrate foreigners with students from Poland. It is one of the faculties with the highest number of students who come from over 40 countries. Several training courses in intercultural communication, workshops, lectures, integration meetings and many, many other attractions have been planned for foreign students.

As Dr. Jarosław Jarząbek (coordinator of Master Global studies) says: – This year we broke the recruitment record. Applications for studies in English were submitted by 222 people, of whom 102 were accepted. The largest number of new students are those who came to us under the Ersmus+ programme.

In turn, Katarzyna Kvapilikova (specialist for international students) determines: – We are concerned about providing comprehensive services to foreigners. At the Welcome Centre, students and researchers will receive assistance in all matters related to the studies at the university, their stay in Poland as well as the guidance in Wrocław and help in emergency situations.

The grand opening of the Welcome Center took place on 5 October 2021. Many students attended the event and participated in a fantastic performance by the International Orchestra of the University of Wrocław. The symbolic ribbon-cutting was done by students and PhD students of the Faculty of Social Sciences who constitute the Welcome Centre.

Published by: Agata Kreska

9 Oct 2021

last modification: 11 Oct 2021