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Who can be rector? – the electors have nominated the cadidates!

On 9 May 2022, Monday, at 11:00, 174 electors elected by the University of Wrocław community (these are representatives of academic staff, students, doctoral students and non-academic staff) put forward their "candidates for election". This is the so-called indication meeting of the electors. As many as 15 candidates have been identified.

At the Indication meeting of the University Electoral College on 9 May 2022, the following Indication notifications were made. Each elector could nominate one person (§ 86, section 2 of the Statutes). 174 of the 200 electors took part in the vote.

1. Piotr Biler – 1
2. Gabriela Bugla-Płoskońska – 1
3. Marcin Cieński – 3
4. Tomasz Jurdziński – 8
5. Karol Kiczka – 2
6. Arkadiusz Lewicki – 11
7. Gościwit Malinowski – 8
8. Patrycja Matusz – 13
9. Robert Olczyk – 1
10. Robert Olkiewicz – 67
11. Bogusław Pawłowski – 1
12. Jan Sobczyk
13. Robert Wieczorek – 20
14. Przemysław Wiszewski
15. Eugeniusz Zych – 2

Number of report cards indicating one person 173, not indicating one person – 1.

Any member of the Council of the University shall also have the right to propose candidates for Rector. Each member of the University Council may make one indirection application involving one person (§ 87, section 2 of the Statutes). The indication meeting of the University Council will be held on 13 May 2022.

Now the persons identified on the indicative ballot and any additional candidates identified by members of the University Council must submit their written consent to stand as candidates.

The nomination of a candidate in the election of the Rector requires the submission of a written consent to stand as a candidate by the person indicated in the aforementioned indictment proceedings, as well as a declaration of fulfilment of the requirements set out in the Act and in the Statutes of UWr. The method and deadlines for submitting candidatures are specified in Announcement No. 1/2022 of the Chairperson of the University Election Committee of 6 May 2022. Specimen documents are specified in Ordinance No. 95/2022 of the Rector of the University of Wrocław of 4 May 2022 on the principles and procedure for submitting consent and declarations related to candidacy for the Rector of the University of Wrocław in the early elections for the term 2020-2024.

On 18 May 2022, the Chairman of the University Election Committee will make public the announcement of the candidates put forward for the election of the Rector.

The meeting was held on the third floor of building D of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, as it is there that the largest auditorium of the University is located, which could accommodate up to 540 people. The election meeting was attended only by the electors and the University Election Committee. Each elector could nominate one candidate who, in their opinion, should stand for the rector.

The 200 electors were chosen in an earlier election. You can see how many electoral seats each group of voters had here On Monday, electors will receive their name badges before entering the indictment room. Each elector has a mandate number – here you can see who has been elected by the University of Wroclaw community to the group of electors (personal list).

Before entering the hall, the University Election Commission checked the identity of the elector. The electors had with them an identity card or access to the mCitizen app to confirm their identity. When everything was in order, each elector was given a name badge and allowed to enter the hall. When all the electors were in place, the Indictment Room was closed. Inside, only they and the University Electoral Commission remained. Each elector was then read out – they had to approach the University Electoral Commission’s stand, where they were given an index card to fill in. In a space resembling a voting booth, he wrote the name and surname of one candidate for rector on the card. For a vote to be valid, the candidate’s name and surname had to be spelled correctly. He then cast his vote in a ballot box standing nearby.

When the Chair of the University Electoral College, prof. dr hab. Anna Trzeciak, announced the end of voting, the Returning Committee took the ballot box and counted the votes in the room next to the auditorium. She then announced who had received how many votes. In this way, “candidates for candidates” were identified.

Within the following days, the candidates for the candidates identified at the indictment meeting and at the University Council meeting must declare whether they wish to run for the position of Rector of the University of Wrocław. Detailed electoral calendar can be found here.

Published by: Maria Kozan

9 May 2022

last modification: 9 May 2022