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Graduates are our best showcase. We want them to gain practical knowledge, first experiences, and professional contacts while still studying. For this reason we put emphasis on our relations with potential employers.

In the faculties operate Employers Councils and External Stakeholders Councils. Their main tasks are, among others, issuing opinions on curricula developed for new fields and majors, implementing joint initiatives in co-operation with the faculties, and providing support in organising interesting programmes of internships in faculties. All this to make sure that our graduating students are equipped not only with knowledge but also skills and competence indispensable for finding employment.

We support and activise our students in many different ways. The University Careers Service organises two editions of Employment Trade Show and Career Campus Internships annually, career counsellors provide free consultations every day, explaining Polish and foreign recruitment standards, running workshops and courses, and consulting application documents or conducting mock interviews. Counselling and coaching take form of personal meetings in the Service’s office or distance counselling.

Our efforts do not get wasted. The proof lies in the fact that UWr graduates are specialists sought after in the labour market, who – often even before receiving their diplomas – do not have any difficulties with getting employed in sectors that match their skills. A part of the graduates join our academic staff in order to continue research in their Alma Mater.

Photography: Nkululeko Masondo/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0