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Wrocław through the eyes of international students

When their classes and lectures are over, the international students of University of Wrocław kick up their heels and celebrate, showing how amazing it is to just be around the city.

University of Wrocław’s newest campaign, through the motto ‘Don’t think twice. Join us!,’ aims to reach young people who are looking to study abroad. The two promotional videos produced for the campaign star students of our University.

This campaign follows in the steps of a number of other projects targeted at international students. One of the previous endeavours involved filming several profiles of international students who followed various courses.

Katarzyna Krawczyk of the International Office explained: “Instead of appealing to the parents, which is often done when universities are advertised, we wanted to address the potential students directly; this is exactly why the videos highlight student life, which, apart from hard work, naturally involves many other activities. We wanted to show how amazing Wrocław is for young people, regardless of their nationality.”

The filming involved only non-professional actors; so many volunteers turned up that the International Office had to organise a casting, supervised by Przemysław Chojnacki, the director. Joint efforts of the amateur actors and the professional film crew resulted in two clips (30 and 60 second-long), which are now available on our University’s Official YouTube Channel and via Facebook.

In the current academic year, over 1200 international students have enrolled for full-time courses at University of Wrocław (this does not include weekend courses and doctoral studies); most of them come from India, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. This figure has doubled compared to 600 full-time students that the University had in the previous academic year.

Most of the international students come from the countries in which University of Wrocław has consistently been promoted by its International Office. As a result of the Office’s cooperation with local partners and its active participation in university fairs, potential foreign candidates no longer perceive University of Wrocław simply as an unfamiliar institution with a generic website.

According to Katarzyna Krawczyk, “Young people can now contact us directly, which is going to be a huge asset in years to come.”

University of Wrocław has students of over one hundred nationalities, coming from very diverse cultural backgrounds. Despite the differences among them, the international students are very willing to integrate; they eagerly join the volunteer organisations (through Uni WINGS group) and participate in numerous projects (such as University’s International Orchestra).

The steadily growing number of international students is a result of the continued efforts of the International Office, achieved through opening new courses based on market demands and ensuring high quality of education and student support.

All information regarding the University’s offer for foreigners can be found on the webpage of International Office.


Translated by Jędrzej Olejniczak

Published by: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz

1 Feb 2018

last modification: 1 Feb 2018